Microsoft’s Window Phone: Backup Needed

There is not denying that the new range of Microsoft smartphones are great but it just does not make a great primary smartphone.

While most users are saying that they are pretty happy with the hardware and features that the Microsoft Lumia device is offering right now, they just can’t live with the Windows 10 powered device alone.

Some users admitted that they will have another iOS or Android smartphone as a backup just in case they would like to try out some of the newer apps that are out there like Snapchat. While most popular apps will eventually make their way to the Windows Store, users will have to wait months or years before they get the app and that can be very frustrating.

Most of them also do not want to feel left out. Since the Windows 10 smartphone has a lot of features that the other Android and iOS smartphone does not have, having both might actually be the best solution here.

Steven Estevez

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