Microsoft Window Phone: The Ugly Side

On one hand, we have the Microsoft Lumia device users that are saying that making the switch to Microsoft is the best thing they’ve could have done but on the other hand, we have these people saying that the Windows OS is not good enough and that it does not have enough apps to support the needs of the users but is that really the case?

Well, according to some of the Window phone users, it is. Some users went on Reddit to talk about their experience with the Windows-powered device and while most of them seem to agree that the hardware is great, not everything and nice and rosy either.

Some Lumia 900 users were unhappy that Microsoft ditch them by announcing that they will no longer be supporting the device even though there is still a lot of bugs that needed to be fixed.

Other reported that while they don’t mind using the Lumia device, most of them will also back an extra iOS and Android smartphone just so they don’t feel left out since popular apps usually come late for these Windows phone.

Do you agree?

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