Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Might Be A Filler

After the impressive Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release last year, we are all looking forward to seeing what Microsoft will have to offer this year but it looks like the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might not be worth all the wait after all.

According to WindowsCentral, the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will only be getting a minor update including a Kaby Lake processor along with a few internal upgrades but that is it. We were hoping for more but it looks like that might not happen this year. Nobody even knows if the Pro 5 will be released this year or not.

The report also reveals some of the upgrades that the Surface Book and the Surface AIO will be getting this year. It seems like the Surface Book will be coming in with the new Kaby Lake processor as well as will come with a redesigned fulcrum hinge. The device should be announced later this year.

The Surface AIO, on the other hand, might come with three size options this time around.

Steven Estevez

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