Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date, Specs & Price Details Speculated

Microsoft has failed to become a dominant force in the world of smartphones and tablets but they are showing signs of growth with every passing year. Last year, Microsoft’s market share boomed after it launched the highly popular Surface Pro 3 tablet.

This year, Microsoft is expected to unleash the Surface Pro 4 and many can’t wait on what the device has got to offer. While not much has been revealed by the Silicon Valley company, the Surface Pro 4 is expected to run on Windows 10 out of the box.

The tablet will be powered by a new Intel Core M processor, faster GPU and larger RAM size that are able to fit on the slim structure. Furthermore, the Surface Pro 4 will be able to offer a longer battery life with rumours tipping it to about 8 hours of non-stop video playback.

The rumours also indicated that the Surface Pro 4 will come in two variants that differ in size and specs. One will feature an 8” display with mid-tier hardwares while the other will come with a large 14” screen with the best hardwares around.

Of course, nobody has a clue on how much the Surface Pro 4 will retail at but many are tipping it to be more than $1K. If the rumours are right, then the Surface Pro 4 is truly worth the anticipation as it will have tons of great features that are optimized for both work and play.

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