Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Or MacBook Pro? Which Makes More Sense

If you are considering purchasing a new piece of technology you might be looking at the MacBook Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. But which is the best and which should you go for?

It is looking as though the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is going to ship in October and it will bring with it the 256GB solid state drive of Samsung. The tablet is going have a small bezel along with being very thin and it will offer a display of 12 inches. It will have the Skylake processor and it’s going to run on Windows 10.

However the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is going to have some competition and this could be by way of the MacBook Pro from Apple. It has been suggested that this could make an arrival on the market in the last quarter of 2015. October has been slated for the date for arrival of the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. It is thought that it will have 128SSD, 4GB of RAM or there will be a model available offering 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, 512SSD and the Core i7 processor.

Others are saying that Apple are going to update the MacBook Air with the quad HD retina display and the 2016 MacBook Air could be thinner. The 2016 MacBook Pro may be released this fall but you may want to hang on for the 2016 version to arrive.

The new MacBook Pro could have some of the design specs of the new MacBook, such as the thin design and a USB C port.

So which would you go for? Will it be the MacBook Pro or the Microsoft Surface Pro 4?

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