Microsoft Surface Phone: Why Change If It’s Not Broken

Microsoft have been releasing their Surface devices for some time now and while they did make some changes to the design over the years, it generally looks like a Surface device and so far, that have been working out just fine for them so why would they want to change it?

We do not know if they plan to release a Surface phone or not but a Weibo user by the name of Nokibar has released what he say is the Microsoft Surface Phone. Based on the image, the device looked nothing like the Surface devices we have in the market right now.

It would have worked if the device actually looked good but the device in the image looks boring and bland. This is not what we hope the Surface Phone will end up being.

The fact now is that nobody really knows if Microsoft will be releasing a new Surface Phone or not but seeing as their new set of Lumia devices did not do so well, they would have to do something drastic if they want to stay in the smartphone market.

Steven Estevez

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