Microsoft Surface Phone: We Want A Real Surface

It does not look like Microsoft has any plans to release any new smartphone this year but some people think that they might be working on a few smartphones that might be coming out next year.

While we do not know what Microsoft have planned, there were speculations that they might be working on a new range of Surface Phone. Although Microsoft never really indicated that they are working on a Surface Phone, they did say that they are looking to offer a smartphone that would change the market like how the Surface Tablet did.

Although we have not heard from Microsoft yet, a user on Weibo did post the image above and state that it was the upcoming Surface Phone. He also added that Microsoft will be offering a few spec option starting from a 3GB RAM and 32GB storage model, a 6GB RAM, and 128GB storage model as an 8GB RAM and 500GB internal storage model.

We can see Microsoft offering a smartphone with a few spec options but we are not too sure about that design. We would much rather have the real surface design than this bland looking device.

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