Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Will Be Stuck In The Past

The main reason why some people are so afraid of getting the Windows 10 powered Lumia 950 XL device might be because of how badly Microsoft treated their past Windows Phone users.

The Microsoft Lumia 900 users were left out in the cold when Microsoft announce that they were going to stop supporting their Lumia 900 users. Not only were the users stuck with a device that had a buggy OS system but other also said that some of the apps were slowly taken out of the device.

One user reported that the Zune app in the Microsoft Lumia 900 just vanish one day and he couldn’t get it back. After being dump by Microsoft, many of the past Lumia users are afraid that the same thing will happen when Microsoft comes out with a new operating system for their Windows powered device.

It also does not help that the Windows OS is always the last to get the new apps.

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