Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Needs To Have Some Fun

While most Microsoft Lumia 950 XL won’t even notice that the Windows Store does not offer the popular Snapchat app, the fact is that the app is not available on the Windows Store right now and people are using it to highlight how the Windows 10 OS is missing some important apps.

While we still do not know when the Snapchat app will be made available on the Windows 10 OS, new reports were suggesting that Microsoft might be working to get the apps ready for their users soon.

Another app that seems to be missing from the Windows Store is the new Pokemon Go app. There have been no indication that the app will be released for the Windows OS although some players did find a way to play the app on their Windows 10 powered device.

To some, these apps are not important at all but to the younger smartphones users, the fact that these apps are not there is enough to convince them that switching over to the Windows OS will be a huge mistake.

Steven Estevez

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