Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: History To Repeat Itself

If Microsoft did it once, who’s to say that they won’t do it again? Some Microsoft fans were not too pleased when Microsoft announce that they will be stopping their support for some of their older devices like the Lumia 900.

The issue wasn’t really about them stopping the support for the older device but it was about Microsoft abandoning their users when there were still a ton of bugs to be fixed. Users were left stranded with a buggy device and Microsoft did not want to do anything about it.

Some users are reported that some of the apps in the Lumia 900 started going missing and there was no way for them to get them back.

We got to admit that the Windows 10 OS is way better than the Window 8 OS but their users will not be happy with Microsoft deciding to ditch them all of a sudden leave them to rot with the Windows 10. Protection Status