Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: Catching Up One App At A Time

One of the risks of switching to the new Lumia devices is that you might get left behind because the app is not available on the Windows Store.

One popular app that seems to be missing from the Windows Store is the popular Snapchat app. While Android and iOS users get to enjoy snap chatting away, Windows 10 OS users are left waiting for the app that might or might not arrive.

It has been reported that Microsoft might be working on bringing the Snapchat app to the Windows Store but we have not heard from Microsoft yet. Another app that Windows 10 phone users will get to enjoy right now is the new Steam app which was released during the Steam Summer sales.

The new Steam app will allow users to check out some of the latest deals on Steam. They can also use the app to trade items and sell in-game items or remotely download games for their PC.

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