Microsoft Lumia 950: Still The Same

Despite years of trying to convince smartphone users that Windows OS is the way to go, it feels like Microsoft just can’t get it right.

Microsoft has released the new Microsoft Lumia 950 model which will come in with a 5.2 inch AMOLED display screen with a resolution of 1440 x 1560 with a pixel count of 564ppi. The Lumia 950 will come fitted with a 20MP Zeiss lens camera.

The design of the Lumia 950 is less flashy this time as Microsoft decided to go for a more muted design which isn’t all bad. While we liked what Microsoft had to offer in terms of specs, we are still reluctant to make the switch mainly because it is a Windows smartphone.

The app store is way better now, but it still have lesser apps compared to the other OS. One good example is Instagram, Window OS users did not have an Instagram app for the longest time and up until this day, the version they have right now is the beta version. Of course, that could be just us.

What do you think of the Microsoft Lumia 950?

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