Microsoft Lumia 950 Even This Would Not Save It

Some people thinks that Microsoft was to blame for the Microsoft Lumia 950’s failure because they gave it such a boring design. The fact the Lumia 950 comes running on the Windows 10 is already more than enough reason for people to ignore it but they had to make it worst by making it the most unattractive premium device in the market.

Maybe if they decided to give the Microsoft Lumia 950 a better design like the one seen in the image above, things could have been better? The device in the image is a concept designed by artist Lucas Silva. The concept called the Microsoft Lumia 760 concept was given an organic looking design that we think would actually stand out from the crowd.

However, we also know that the people do not have an issue with the design only. A lot of people are still very skeptical about the Windows-powered devices so things might still remain the same even if Microsoft have it a more eye catching design.

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