Microsoft Lumia 950: Design Would Have Made A Difference

There was more than one reason why the Microsoft Lumia 950 did not work out for Microsoft. The smartphone’s spec and hardware were great but some people were not a fan of the design.

For a smartphone that is trying to stand out from the sea of competitors, the design was far from impressive. It was boring and uninteresting and that might have put a lot of people off trying the device.

Some people think that the Lumia 950 could have done slightly better if it were to come with a design that looks something like the concept seen above. The concept called the Microsoft Lumia 760 was designed by artist Lucas Silva.

Of course, the design was just one of the reason why the Lumia 950 did so badly. People just did not have enough faith in Microsoft, their Windows 10 OS, and the Windows Store to take the jump and until Microsoft finds a way around that, things are not going to turn for the better.

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