Microsoft Lumia 950 Design Could Have Saved It

One of the first impression we had when Microsoft first unveil the Microsoft Lumia 950 was that the device looked really boring and that it would be overshadowed by their competitors. Would things be any better for the Lumia 950 if it came with a better-looking design?

The concept seen here was designed by artist Lucas Silva. The Lumia 760 concept might not look as polish as the new Samsung or Apple iPhone but it does stand out from the crowd and that is exactly what Microsoft needs right now.

Of course, we don’t think that changing the design alone will help make the Lumia 950 popular but at least more people will take notice of the smartphone.

We still do not know what Microsoft plans to do with their smartphones in the near future although a lot of people seems to believe that a Surface Phone might be in the making.

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