Microsoft Lumia 950: Design Could Have Change It’s Fate?

While we do think that Microsoft could have done more with the design of their latest Microsoft Lumia devices. It is definitely not the only reason why the smartphones did not work out but could things have gone a little better if they had given it a new design?

The Lumia 950 was not ugly but it wasn’t the best-looking smartphone of the lot either and Microsoft really needs a unique design to make people notice them. The concept design seen in the image above was design by artist Lucas Silva who think that the Microsoft device would have looked great with a more organic design.

We are not sure if the design would work but at least it will not get overshadowed by all the other smartphones we have in the market right now.

As of now, we do not know what Microsoft plans to do with their smartphone. We are hoping that the Surface Phone would be next but it does not feel like that is going to happen.

Steven Estevez

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