Microsoft Lumia 950: Could Have Done Better

We are not saying that the Lumia 950 is ugly but it is definitely not what we would call interesting and fun. It looks boring and bland. While we don’t think that is the reason why the Lumia 950 did not do great, we think that it might have played a small role.

The design just wasn’t exciting enough to make people want to try it out. The consumers are already very skeptical about these Window 10 powered devices and Microsoft is making it real easy for them to just ignore the Lumia 950.

Maybe if Microsoft has given it a design like the one seen in the image above things would have been much better. The concept seen in the image is the Lumia 760 Concept that was designed by Lucas Silva. It might not be the best-looking device but at least it is interesting enough.

We still do not know what Microsoft has planned for the future but a lot of people seems to think that it might be the Surface Phone.

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