Microsoft Lumia 888: Now That’s An Attention Seeker

The thing about the Microsoft Lumia devices is that they are not that attractive, to begin with and when you add on the fact that they all runs on the Windows 10 OS, people are just not impressed by them.

However, things might change for the better if they took some risk with the design. The concept design you see here was design by artist Michael Muleba. While some might call the design outrageous, we think that it is unique enough that people will actually start paying attention to the Microsoft Lumia devices.

Of course, the outward curved design might be a little impractical but overall, we think that the design does look great. Maybe if it was even a slightly less curvy screen, this design could actually work.

There have been no indication that Microsoft is planning to release a new smartphone anytime soon but if they do, let’s hope it will be more exciting than the last few releases.

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