Microsoft Lumia 760: Will Looks Alone Save Them

Artist Lucas Silva has just come out with a new Microsoft Lumia concept. The concept called the Microsoft Lumia 760 will be coming in with a unique exterior design that some believe will give the Microsoft Lumia Series the edge they need to compete with the other smartphones in the market.

While we do agree that Microsoft needs to up their game when it comes to smartphone design, we also think that the design alone will not save Microsoft and their smartphones. Although the exterior design was mention once in a while, the biggest problem seems to be the Windows 10 os.

Despite users commenting that the OS is stable and reliable, people are still very skeptical about it. The lack of apps in the Window Store is also one of the main reason why people are avoiding the Windows 10 powered devices. While the lack of app seems to be a big issue for those looking to switch other, those that had switched over seems to not be bothered by the lack of app, in fact, most of them would say that it does not feel like they are missing out on anything.

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