Microsoft Lumia 760: The Ticket To Greatness

There is more than one reason why Microsoft and their Windows 10 devices are struggling to stay afloat.

First of all, Microsoft could do with some better-looking smartphones. The new Lumia devices do not look bad but they are definitely not as good looking as some of the smartphones in the market right now. Maybe if they come out with something that looks like this, people would be more attracted to their Lumia devices.

The concept here was created by artist Lucas Silva. Called the Microsoft Lumia 760 Concept, the artist gave the Lumia concept a more organic casing. It might not look too premium but it is different and different is always good.

Some of the other issue the consumers seems to have with Microsoft and their new range of Lumia devices is that it runs on Windows 10. People have been criticizing their Windows Store for lacking in apps.

We think that to solve this, Microsoft should stop trying to convince everybody that they are as good as Google and Apple but to convince them that they are unlike Android and iOS. Making a path of their own and focus on merging their PC and smartphone together should be their main focus right now.

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