Microsoft Lumia 760: Does It Really Matter?

While most people blamed the Windows 10 OS for the fall of Microsoft latest Lumia devices other think that it could have been the boring design of the smartphone and that the Microsoft Lumia devices might have been more successful if Microsoft actually paid more attention to the design but is that really the problem here?

Would it matter of the Microsoft Lumia smartphones made to look better? The concept design you see here was created by the artist Lucas Silva who thinks that Microsoft would benefit from some exterior upgrade.

The device is called the Microsoft Lumia 760. According to the artist, the design would come with a 5inch display and will be running on the Snapdragon 652 CPU with 2GB RAM and 16/32GB of internal storage.

The question is whether it would have made a different if the Lumia devices actually came with a nicer design? We think not. Most people stayed away from the Lumia devices because of the Windows 10 OS and we think that even with a nicer design, the outcome would still be the same at the end of the day.

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