Metal Gear Solid 5 Mission 51: Doom Either Way

Metal Gear Solid 5 fans are still waiting for Konami to finish the Mission 51 but it look like they might want to give up on it because it does not look like Konami is ever going to finish it.

Some people believe that they did not want to finish it because they don’t want to suffer the wrath of their fans. With Kojima now gone, doing anything with Phantom Pain will probably result in the fans condemning them for touching Kojima’s game.

Of course, we are not sure if choosing not to complete Mission 51 is the right decision either. Without it, fans will be left hanging and we all know how frustrating that can be.

The fact is that the fans are not going to be happy either way but we think that choosing not to complete the Mission 51 would ruin the gaming experience for many of the fans.

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