Mercedes, Tesla & Ferrari: A Recall Time Bomb

While these automakers won’t be issuing the recall now, it will just be a matter of time before they will have to issue on so that they can get their Takata airbags replaced.

With all the problems that have been going on with the Takata airbags, you would think that automakers will stop using these airbags until they can be sure the problem is fixed but automakers like Tesla, Ferrari and Mercedes are still fitting their vehicles with the airbags,

According to AutomotiveNews who quoted by a US Senate report, NHTSA has not marked the airbags unsafe now because their parts have not been exposed to heat and humidity for a long time. That means they might turn unsafe in the future when they are exposed to heat and humidity for a longer period of time. Let’s hope the recall will come before anything happens.

The problematic airbags have already claimed the lives of a few users worldwide.

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