Mercedes-Benz G-Class: Why Fix It When Its Not Broken?

Even though the Mercedes-Benz G-Class have been cruising around with the same design for some time now, people does not seem to be getting tired of it. In fact, the G-Class is still very popular so why change it?

Mercedes-Benz will be giving the G-Class and update and while the spy shots did reveal some of the upgrades that the G-Class will be getting, it looks like the vehicle will not be straying too far from the current design.

Based on the images, it is clear that the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is wider now. The extra width will allow the vehicle to offer more room on the inside. Maybe now that they have more interior space to work with, they will actually start offering cup holders.

Mercedes-BenZ might also be working to shed off a few extra pounds as it has been reported that the Mercedes-Benz will weight about 900lbs less when it arrives.

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