Mazda Miata Killer Is A Mini Paceman Blended With A Porsche? [PICS]

Ever since MINI shook hands with BMW, the British classic carmaker has been producing a wide variety of vehicles that are no longer small in size. Soon more new models will be introduced with the MINI badge and among them is a convertible roadster like no other.

The Concept design is already available for viewing on the internet, and it was released by MINI with the aid of Italian design firm, Touring Superleggera. At a glance, the concept design looks as if MINI wanted to challenge the Mazda Miata.

BMW Group design chief, Adrian Van Hooydonk, called the concept an elegant automobile where a British roadster gets the touch of Italian style and hand craftsmanship.

Touring Superleggera’s head designer, Louis de Fabribeckers, revealed that they have opted to keep things as simple and minimal as possible for the Concept. There is no need for unnecessary equipment and decorations, thus ensuring that the car is lightweight and powerful.

When viewing the concept, one will see a clean cut roadster that has that classy British essence to it. On the other hand, the design looks as if a Porsche mated with a Paceman. Nevertheless, it is an exciting vehicle to look forward to. Protection Status