Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered: The Basic Requirements

The Mass Effect fans have already revealed that they wouldn’t mind buying the entire Mass Effect trilogy remake if Bioware are to produce it. However, this is provided that Bioware can deliver some of their demands.

The fans shared that they are hoping for Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered to come with all the DLCs intact. The fans added that they will hate the remake if they are required to purchase the DLCs all over again.

Also, Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered will need to get its graphics boosted. Obviously, the remake is going to get released on both the Xbox One and PS4. Hence, there needs to be graphic balancing for the game.

If Bioware can comply with what the fans want, there is no doubt that Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is going to be as huge as Mass Effect 4 when released. Besides, there is no better way to start on Mass Effect 4 than through playing Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered.

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