Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered: Lost & Found

Mass Effect fans are anxiously waiting for Bioware to launch Mass Effect 4. However, the focus on Mass Effect 4 has taken a short break after Bioware suddenly discussed about Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered.

The game developer was on Facebook to question the fans on what they wish to see if they are to produce a remake of the entire Mass Effect Trilogy. The question caught the fans by surprise but that didn’t stop them from giving an immediate response.

Apparently, every fan can only agree on two things. The first is that Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered must come with all the DLCs intact. Also, the graphics of the game has to be generalized and balance across all title.

Just when the fans are about to pour in more ideas for Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered, Bioware cut the questionnaire short by claiming that the game is still unconfirmed for production.

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