Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Would Steal The Spotlight From Andromeda

Here is the thing, remastering a popular game or series is the fastest way for developers to earn some fast cash since they already have a huge fan base for the game but it looks like EA will not be using that cheap trick to squeeze more money out of their fans.

According to EA, the reason why they won’t be remastering the Mass Effect Trilogy wasn’t because they think that the remaster would affect the sales of the Mass Andromeda.

They also added that they would rather focus on the future than look back at the past and that they are now fusing on the Mass Effect: Andromeda. EA also said that they have a lot of games that their fans are hoping they would get on making and remastering an older game is just not what they want to do right now.

The new Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released early next year.