Mass Effect Andromeda Side Missions Would Force Players To Prepare

You can choose to stick to the main storyline of the game but if you are a little more adventurous, there will be tons of mission and quest that you can complete on the side.

According to Game Informer, the game wants to walk around and explore the world but you might want to watch your steps first. Sinc most planets will have some level of hostile force, you might want to thread carefully when you start exploring.

Mac Walters, the director also added that the enemy base and hideout can’t be taken down that easily so players will have to plan ahead instead of just rushing in so that you won’t trigger any alarm.

The developers also added that fighting the bosses in the game will require some preparation as well.

We should be seeing more of the game when Bioware and EA show it off a the Game Awards next month. The game itself will be arriving on the 21st of March next year. Protection Status