Mass Effect: Andromeda Sibling Twist Had Fans Scratching Their Head

Since romance has always been a huge part of Mass Effect, the fact that the developer shave decided to make the two main characters sibling in the latest Mass Effect: Andromeda had their fans all confuse.

So what will the story be like this time? After filtering through all in incest jokes, here are what the fans think the story might end up being. Looking at the trailer, some poeple predict that the person in the N7 gear is actually the father of the protagonist and that the sibling might also be in N7.

Other say that if that is the case, maybe we might be starting the game as kids on an inter-generational ship. However, other are saying that if it is an inter-generation ship, it would have to come with some ridiculous engine if it was able to make the trip within one generation.

People are still trying to figure out how things will unfold. What do you think is going to happen? Tell us some of your predictions.

Steven Estevez

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