Mass Effect Andromeda Isn’t A New Trilogy, According To Bioware

When Bioware announce the new Mass Effect Andromeda game, everybody assumed that the new game would be the start of a new Trilogy but it looks like we might all be wrong.

Game Informer fired a number of question to Mac Walters, the creative director of Mass Effect: Andromeda in this month Game Informer magazine and when he was asked about the game itself, Walters reveal that he does not consider the Andromeda game to be the start of the new trilogy which is why they have not decided if the save files of the game will be carried forward to the sequels in the future or not.

That does not mean that we will not be getting more Mass Effect games in the future but the next game might or might not be related to Mass Effect: Andromeda.

He also reveals that the companions in the game can’t die but he can’t confirm whether there will be any add-on characters in the future as DLC. Protection Status