Mass Effect: Andromeda All In Order

We have not seen anything from Mass Effect: Andromeda for some time now so it is nice to finally see the new trailer for the upcoming game.

The trailer showed us the world that we will be in this time around. It looks similar to the previous Mass Effect: Andromeda game but this time, the aliens looked a lot more menacing and sinister.

The trailer showed off the new Reaper-sized robotic monster as well as a new looking alien race and looks more menacing and terrifying than ever. We also got to see a little of the gameplay. So far, everything is looking perfect. Our biggest hope is that the game will meet the hype the developers are creating right now.

The new Mass Effect: Andromeda will be coming in on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 and will be released in the Spring of 2017. You can check out the new cinematic trailer below. Protection Status