Mass Effect 4 Release Date: Coming On October 19th Apparently

Nobody but Bioware, or EA, knows when Mass Effect 4 is going to be ready to make its debut. This is why we were surprised when an online retailer from Norway cited the release date for Mass Effect 4 to take place on October 19 this year.

The company, called Komplett, had just updated its website and it saw the addition of an ad on Mass Effect 4. The advert came out with all the right descriptions and the aforementioned date. Could Komplett know more about Mass Effect 4 than us Americans?

There is no way to be certain on this as there might be a possibility where Bioware is communicating with Komplett in secret. Of course, it is ridiculous to think about it that way.

With that being said, Mass Effect fans are advised to take the above with a pinch of salt. If Mass Effect 4 is ready, Bioware will surely give us all the release window for the highly anticipated sequel.

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