Mass Effect 4: Pre-Order Hints On 2015 Release!

Bioware has already made it known that they are busy developing Mass Effect 4 right now. The game is going to get further unveiled at E3 next month but little do the fans know that there is a big chance for Mass Effect 4 to make its debut this year.

It will be a big surprise to see Mass Effect 4 getting launched in 2016 as everyone is expecting the game to come in 2016. The again, there is a high possibility for Mass Effect 4 to come out this year after EA worked with Amazon to take in pre-orders for the game.

At Amazon, Mass Effect fans will see Mass Effect 4 retailing at about £64.99. There are three platform versions of the game and they are the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Of course, Amazon quoted there that they have yet to receive the finalized release date for Mass Effect 4 hence this makes the ad a placeholder. However, since it came from EA, we can safely refer to it as an official placeholder.

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