Mass Effect 4 Plot Will Be From Halo 4 Minds

Chris Schlerf. Mass Effect fans better start getting used to this name because he is the lead writer for Mass Effect 4. Chris is famous for plotting Halo 4 and Microsoft enjoyed tremendous success with the title as a result.

Hence, we can expect something great coming with Mass Effect 4. It is understandable why many are worried for the upcoming sequel with Jennifer Hale, Patrick Weekes and Chris Etoile not on board in the development of the game.

All three names are the previous writers for the Mass Effect series and they have resulted in a great gaming franchise from Bioware. This leaves many questioning, will Chris pull it off.

The answer is yes. To be more certain, John Dumbrow will be there to aid Chris in developments. The latter was responsible for making Sur’Kesh, Tuchanka and Thessia in Mass Effect 3 awesome.

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