Mass Effect 4: New Protagonist Will Keep On Dancing!

It has finally been confirmed. The mysterious protagonist for Mass Effect 4 is going to come out with many new dance moves to offer.

The official Mass Effect Facebook page replied to a fan known as Sean and claims that Mass Effect 4 is set in a new galaxy. Mass Effect then questioned ‘who knows what dance moves are acceptable?’ By this Mass Effect meant that there will be many new dance moves coming in Mass Effect 4.

The question raised by Sean came out with the Mass Effect trilogy in mind. Back in the first Mass Effect trilogy, Shepard can be seen shuffling all over the place. Sean claims it is something hard for Bioware to outdo with the next Mass Effect title but he hopes for something fresh and new.

With the official Mass Effect page already responding, Mass Effect lovers can now relax as there will indeed be new dance moves for Mass Effect 4. Will it be moon-walking, breakdancing or something corny like a robot dance?


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