Mass Effect 4 MMO Mode Will Be Like DA:I

Bioware has countlessly revealed that Mass Effect 4 is going to be nowhere near similar to the recently launched Dragon Age Inquisition. Well, this is actually a contradicting statement after new information on Mass Effect 4 surfaced earlier today.

In detail, Bioware teased that Mass Effect 4 will be coming with an online multiplayer mode just like how it is in Dragon Age Inquisition. The online mode will put players together with other players as they play in a separate co-op mission in Mass Effect 4.

Bioware might not admit that Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition are two totally different titles but fans are not dumb enough to spot the obvious.

It seems that the only difference between the Dragon Age series and the Mass Effect series is that one is a fantasy-themed franchise while the other is a sci-fi-themed franchise.

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