Mass Effect 4 Indirectly Pushing A Fallout 4

Both the Mass Effect series and Fallout series are closely compared to each other even though both RPG titles have different things to offer. Very soon from now, Bioware will be releasing Mass Effect 4 and instead of comparing it with the unconfirmed Fallout 4, it is better for the latter to learn from the former.

For starters, Fallout 4 could offer players a more interactive environment like how it is going to be in Mass Effect 4. Just about everything within sight is interactive and has its role in the game. This is not to say that the Fallout series have not been interactive but their content density has been poor when compared to the Mass Effect universe.

Then, there is the companion feature which seriously needs an upgrade in Fallout 4. Unlike Mass effect 4, the companions throughout the Fallout Series don’t share any close relationship with the player. The characters basically wait for the player’s command instead of acting independently.

This is something that needs to be improved upon. Over at the Mass Effect universe, companions actually stick to the players until the end of the game. Fallout 4 should offer something similar and if they do, it will open the doors to new possibilities like having an intimate relationship in the post-nuke world.

On a final note, the decision making in Fallout 4 could use some tips from Mass Effect 4. Throughout the Fallout series, every decision made does not actually go in depth with the plot in the game. Every decision made should have its effect to the masses and this is something that is offered in Mass Effect 4. In short, decision making should have a bigger magnitude of influence.

With that being said, it is perhaps time for Bioware and Bethesda to put rivalries aside and start taking inspiration from each other. For once, the game developers should give gamers the ultimate RPG experience instead of producing new titles for the sake of profits.

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