Mass Effect 4 Beta Reaches New Milestone

Fans of the Mass Effect games now that Mass Effect 4 is under development and with each day that passes us by the game has to be coming closer to being released. There was excitement on Twitter when Aaryn Flynn said that the game was very close to being completed and when it arrived it would be ambitious and fresh but gamers would still be able to recognise it.

There is no doubt at all that the developers will have been testing the game, but they have been very quiet while doing so.

Many people think that when it comes out Mass Effect 4 is going to be huge and they will be able to play for many hours before completing it.

It has been said that Mass Effect 4 is going to have superb graphics, but then it should as it will have the new gaming engine. Dragon Age 3 was tested with the Frostbite 3 gaming engine and scores were very high.

Can you wait to get your hands on Mass Effect 4?

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