Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: Wolverine As DLC Character?

The X-Men characters have always been a big part of the Marvel vs Capcom game so we were a little surprised when it was suggested that Capcom was looking to reduce the amount of X-Men characters in the game and fit in more new characters from the Marvel cinematic universe.

Well, it looks like Capcom was not ready to give up on all their X-Men after all as new rumors are now saying that while most of the X-Men will not be features in the game when it is released, they will still join in the fun later on when Capcom releases the DLCs for the game.

Not only will we be getting some new X-Men characters in the DLC but it is said that the Fantastic Four will also come in one of the DLC. As for some of the new Marvel characters that we will be seeing, we know that Captain America, Iron Man, and Morrigan will now be part of the game.

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