Marvel: Avengers Alliance To Be Turn Into A New Game

From what we know now, the Marvel: Avengers Alliance and its sequel are dead. Disney decided to kill off the game after the sequel wasn’t as well receive as the first game but is it really that simple.

Everybody is crazy over Marvel and the Avengers now so it is odd to see Disney let the game go. Some people think that Disney might be working on a new Marvel Avengers game and took this out so that it won’t be that confusing.

According to Disney, they wanted to cancel the game so that they can spend those time and resourced on better things. So what do you think that could be?

Disney has been making some shocking decision when it comes to some of their games. While we can see why the Marvel: Avengers Alliance was cut, we did not understand it when Disney announce that they will be killing off the Disney Infinity game. The game still has a huge following when the game was canceled.

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