Marvel: Avengers Alliance Sacrificed For A Newer Avenger Game?

When Disney first release the Marvel: Avengers Alliance, the game was very well received and thanks to that, they decided to come out with a sequel for the game but the sequel did not do as well as Disney predicted and because of that, Disney will be killing off both the Marvel: Avengers Alliance and its sequel.

Disney later contacted GameStop to clarify that they are looking to focus their effort on new game experiences right now.

The fans were not too happy with the announcement and many of them are saying that Disney seems to be giving up on all their good games. Most of them have not forgiven them for axing the Disney Infinity and now this.

Fans think that this could be Disney trying to come out with a new Avengers game and that they want to get rid of the older game so that they can focus on the new game.

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