Marvel: Avengers Alliance End Is Actually The Beginning?

Fans were not as surprised with the axing of the Marvel: Avengers Alliance and its sequel compared to when Disney announce that they were going to kill off the Disney Infinity but fans were still not happy about the decision.

While the first Marvel: Avengers Alliance game was a huge hit, the sequel was far from a success. According to Disney, they wanted to kill off both games so that they can spend their time and resources on something better.

So what is this new thing that Disney want to spend more time on? While we still have not heard from Disney yet, some people think that Disney has not given up on the Avengers and that there might be a new Marvel: Avengers Alliance game in the future that will be much better than what these games were offering.

There were some speculations that Disney might be looking to quit making games and focus on licensing instead but we will have to wait and see of that happens.

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