Marvel Avengers Alliance: Disney Made The Right Call

The Marvel: Avengers Alliance was very well received when it was first released and that was probably why Disney thought that a sequel would be great for the game. However, the sequel did not do as well as Disney thought it would and that might be one of the main reason why Disney decided to kill it off.

According to Disney, they would rather spend their time something better. So what is that something better? While some people think that it might be a new game, other think that Disney might be working on a new Avengers game and that they got rid of the old one so that they can introduce us to a new Avengers game. Do you think that is possible?

Disney has been making some rather questionable decision when it comes to some of their games. Them deciding to kill off the Disney Infiniti did not sit well with the fans because the game still had a huge following and it was just odd that Disney would decide to kill it off all of a sudden.

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