MacBook Air 11-inch Review: Worst Laptop Ever

Consumers that are planning to purchase the latest Apple MacBook Air should stay away from the 11” model. Apparently, the smallest variant of the laptop came out with so many flaws that it is not worth the purchase at all.

For starters, the 11” display does not come with IPS technology, which on the other hand is available on the larger models. This means that the 11” display tends to change colours when viewed from different angles.

Furthermore, Apple’s decision to keep the 11” MacBook Air super slim has led to it lacking with many ports. The list includes a HDMI port, microphone jack and a memory card slot. Again, the aforementioned features are available on the 13” and 15” models.

With the 11” MacBook Air lacking in these departments, the laptop is somewhat limited with its offering. Heck, the MacBook Air is only good for typing and basic internet browsing. Then again, the iPad is good for that purpose too so it makes all the more sense to avoid the 11” MacBook Air.

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