Limited Edition Pink iPhone 6 In Time For Valentines

The Apple iPhone 6 was launched back in September last year and it is still a craze today. Now, things are about to get more exclusive for the iPhone 6 after London-based Alexander Amosu decided to produce 10 limited edition pink iPhone 6 in light of Valentine’s Day.

In detail, the pink iPhones won’t be any different to the original iPhone 6 except for the fact that it comes with a different colour. The device is quoted to retail at $2,887, and it is expected to make a fine gift for the love birds.

Amosu is a luxury brand that is well-known for making flashy products and the pink iPhone 6 will be the next big thing to come from them. Due to the limited numbers of the pink iPhone 6, whoever owns it will surely stand out from the crowd.

This isn’t the first time Amosu is introducing a pink iPhone 6. The luxury entity has already done so with the previous iPhone 5S for Valentine’s Day and it was a success back then. Now, Amosu aims to replicate that success with the iPhone 6.

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