LG V20: Should We Be Afraid

LG announced their new LG V20 smartphone last month. On paper, the LG V20 sounds like the perfect smartphone. It comes with great specs, nice features, and a stunning display but despite all of that, the people are still afraid of getting one.

It is not because they fear that the LG V20 is not going to be good enough but they are afraid that the LG V20 will be plagued by the same issues that have been plaguing the LG V10 as well as the LG G4 and LG G5.

A large amount of LG devices users has already reported about a boot looping issues that seems to be affecting the LG-made smartphones. LG was ignoring the problem for some time but they could no longer ignore it when the LG Nexus 5x users also started reporting the same issue.

In the Nexus 5X case, it was concluded that it was a hardware issue. While it looks like LG might have identified the problem, some fans are still worried that the LG V20 will still come with the same issue.


Steven Estevez

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