LG V20 Might Carry Bootloop Disease

We can’t wait to see what LG has to offer on the LG V20 but reports about users having issues with the LG V10 had us wondering if the new LG V20 will come with the same problems or not.

One of the issues that LG V10 users have been reporting is the bootloop issues. Users have been trying to find a solution for the problem but it does not seem like there is a real solution to the problem right now. The LG V10 is not the only LG device with this problem. Some LG G4 owners have also reported having the same issue.

LG have not yet come out with an answer for the problem but luckily for these LG V10 users, the device is still under warranty.

If LG does not have a solution for these, does this mean that the LG V20 might also come with the same issue as well? We are hoping not.


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