LG V20: Is It The One For You?

Since the LG V20 have not been released yet, we can only look at what LG has reveal and device if the LG V20 is worth waiting for based on those details. Here is what we know about the LG V20 so far.

We know that LG wants us to believe that the LG V20 could replace our camera by fitting the V20 with tons of new camera features. The device will come equipped with a 16MP and an 8MP rear camera. LG also added in the new Popout feature as well as Snap features. Like the last few LG smartphones, this will also come with a manual control so the users can adjust and play around with the setting to get the shot.

Unlike most of the smartphones in the market, the LG V20 will still come with a removable battery. Most smartphone manufacturers has gone down the iPhone route and have started offering their smartphone with a fixed battery but not LG.

The best part of it all is that the new LG V20 will be the first Android smartphone to come running on the new Android 7.0 Nougat.

How many of you are looking forward to getting the LG V20?


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