LG V20: Hurt By Long Wait

The LG V10 did better than we all expected and people were actually looking forward to seeing what the LG V20 is all about this year. LG has already announced the new LG V20 and so far everything seems to be looking great but there is one big problem.

It was original announce that the new LG V20 can be pre-ordered on the 1st of October. The notice was posted on the B&H website. However, it was later reported that instead of the 2nd, customers will have to wait until the 17th of October if they want to pre-order the device.

We do not know when the delivery will start but it should not be more than a month after the pre-orders start. There is still no news on when the carriers will start offering the smartphone as well.

Despite the long wait, we think the LG V20 still do fine. With Samsung now still trying to clean up the mess their Note 7 made, the LG V20 is looking more and more appealing now.


Steven Estevez

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